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Active Incidents

Past Incidents

Full System Outage

Resolved on Wednesday 28th February at 08:56Z
08:56Z All systems operational. Issue resolved.

06:10Z FastHosts have apologised for the inconvenience caused. This was due to a “technical issue” with the server our services sit on. They say the issue is resolved their end, but it may take up to 4 hours for all our services to resume. Therefore, the website should be available by 10:10z this morning at the latest. I will aim to provide an update at 11z if it is not resolved.

23:28Z We are currently investigating a full system outage. Pilots are unable to access all FlyLumo services at this time.

No User Access to Website or Tracker

Resolved on Wednesday 14th February at 18:23Z
18:23Z The issues seems to be resolved and users now have access to their accounts via the website and tracking software. We will monitor this for the rest of the day.

14:40Z vaBase have acknowledged that the issue is on their side and is affecting multiple virtual airlines on the same server. We are awaiting further information from them.

14:00Z We are currently investigating a systemwide issue where pilots are unable to login to their FlyLumo accounts via the website. The error displayed is that your details are incorrect. Please do not attempt to reset your password.

14:00Z We are also aware pilots are unable to login to the Tracker and get the error message 'Your VIrtual Airline is inactive, please contact your CEO'. This is an error. We have informed vaBase, our database provider, and are awaiting further information.