Welcome to FlyLumo Virtual Airline

We are a virtual airline that's doing things differently. We are passionate about flying and also passionate about our community, building an inclusive, exciting and dynamic environment for our members to enjoy!

In January 2023, we opened our doors and welcomed everyone on-board. In our first year, FlyLumo has grown from just an idea in James' head, to a project with multiple branches, 2500+ scheduled routes and a diverse array of members. We started with just 2 aircraft in our fleet, and now host a range of aircraft from the A320 to B788 and everything inbetween. FlyLumo is ran by a team of fantastic, dedicated volunteers who keep us up in the air.

We're super flexible here, so when you join us, you have the option of flying any of our routes on the system, and any aircraft, from the moment you sign up. We set a list of recommended aircraft for you, but if those don't suit you, then you are free to fly any other suitable plane, as long as its within range and our rules. Don't like any of our schedules? Go and have a look at our events and tours page, which will give you a new way to explore the world and find a new fun place to fly. Still can't find anything you fancy? Then you can go charter and dispatch a charter flight using any aircraft on any route in the world. Get creative and take our planes to every corner of the planet.

Love a good chat? Love that team spirit? At FlyLumo, we are passionate about people, and we have a very active Discord server, where our staff team and members sit in our 'Habita' voice chat channel every day and also regularly text and chat, so don't be a stranger and feel free to become part of the family. The more the merrier.

FlyLumo is split into various subsidiary airlines, and as a member, you can fly for any one of them, at any time. All of them have their own style and feel to them, to offer you a different experience with each. Have a read below to find out more about the airlines we have on offer!

Explore the world with our airline groups and partners!